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  • Diabetic Neuropathy FAQ's: Types, Symptoms, Prevention, Treatment
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Diabetic Neuropathy FAQ's: Types, Symptoms, Prevention, Treatment

Treatments for Neuropathy Pain at NJ Neuropathy

Diabetic neuropathy is damage to the nerves in the body caused by diabetes. It can cause pain in the feet, inflammation, numbness, tingling, stiff neck, nerve pain, and fatigue. At NJ Neuropathy, we offer a number of treatments to help treat diabetic neuropathy, including light therapy, chiropractic care with Impulse IQ, magnetic therapy, nutritional counseling, vibration therapy, and electrical therapy. We will customize treatments to each patient after we perform a physical examination and other lab tests.

Neuropathy Treatments at NJ Neuropathy in Oakhurst

Instead of using his hands alone for performing adjustments, our chiropractor uses a hand-held device connected to a computer with an LED light that applies the right amount of thrust or adjustment to the area of the body that needs pain relief. The device provides feedback on the success of the adjustments and an LED light bar turns green during optimal performance. This is a low-pressure adjustment technique used to treat several conditions. The computer feedback allows the chiropractor to customize treatment to each individual.

We also provide light therapy to help relieve nerve pain. It is a non-invasive treatment that uses LED light. Light therapy promotes circulation, reduces swelling, helps with muscle spasms, tension, and pain. After treatments, it improves range of motion and a person's ability to exercise. Studies have shown that light therapy reduces pain in patients with neuropathy.

Vibration therapy makes use of a vibrating machine or hand-held device to stimulate muscles and nerves. It increases bone density, reduces pain, and improves circulation.

We use electric therapy to treat nerve pain, repair tissue, strengthen muscles, and help with bone growth. It is often used to treat cancer patients for pain after chemo therapy or radiation. This treatment has been shown to reduce pain in many of our patients. We use a machine similar to the one used at Cancer Centers of America.

We offer is nutritional counseling for neuropathy treatment as well. We focus on fresh fruits, vegetables, lean fish, poultry, nuts, and supplements to improve your health. We might design exercises to do at home or recommend walking, working out at the gym, swimming, or biking as part of the program.

Contact Us to Make an Appointment

We will take your medical history, perform a physical exam, blood tests, and often X-rays to make a diagnosis. Our chiropractor will then design a custom treatment program to treat your diabetic neuropathy. Call NJ Neuropathy at 732-898-3040 or fill out our online form to learn more.


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