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Dr. Charles Ferrante

Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

Overall Likes: NJ Neuropathy’s friendly staff is always welcoming and kind. This proactive doctor encourages and makes you a part of your treatment by providing tools (was able to use equipment at home), information(provided resources to learn more and do better), and placing the ball in your court. Loved the PNT (Pain Neutralization Technique) gave relief in my legs from ongoing pain. I loved they were willing to add and make changes to the treatment plan based upon my responses, to obtain optimal results. It was a relief the back adjustments were done with a machine versus hands.

My advice, take the walk with Dr. Ferrante if you are ready to take control of your health. He truly is a healer and someone who cares. My life is changed drastically after I did. He has been a blessing to me. Thank you, Doctor Charles!


I found Dr. Charles to be patient, very knowledgeable, and helpful throughout the program. He does have the latest equipment, some items I couldn’t believe. I received the equipment and supplements to use at home in between visits. I followed directions as best as I could, at least 80% of the time.

Neuropathy speaking the results were pretty good for me and I received a surprise. No, no gifts. Not only was i walking better and my balance improved but my cholesterol and triglycerides went down significantly. I also experienced decent feeling in the foot area, where before there was none. The most important thing during the visits was that he encouraged me to use the home equipment and to follow the diet.

Peter Quaranta

I was having pins and needles in the feet and hands on a daily basis. It was very painful. I had no desire to enjoy many of the family activities planned and was on edge most of the time. Since coming to NJ NEUROPATHY, I have returned to normal physical activity and personality. People have commented that I ‘look great” and I feel like my old self again. I see improvements in sugar levels in my diabetic care.

With any program it is incumbent on the participant to make every effort to follow the plan. The cost of the plan at first made me hesitate, but then when I thought how much I would spend on the lottery to take a chance, who better to bet on than yourself! You win every time that way!

Al Aurilio

When I decided to go to a seminar about neuropathy, I made a good choice. I have been under Dr. Ferrante’s care for about 1 1/2 months now and have started to see some improvement. Over the past several years, I have been trying to find relief after having 2 discs fused in my neck. My hands always tingled and hurt a lot of the time. I also take care of my disabled father and was concerned that I would get to the point that I could not do that or maybe not take care of myself. The program he offers is not inexpensive, however it is much less than others I have explored with multiple options to pay. It is also easy to use. Dr. Ferrante teaches how to eat along with therapy at home, making it so you only need to go in once a week, then it tapers off. Most is done at home. I love this!

Miriam Smith


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